What are the colors of your dreams?  I will imagine many colors, and maybe rainbows.

Taken from inside Fort Point San Francisco, Ca. through opening in wall.  There were several taken but only a small number were really good.  2010. 

Shadow Leaves.  Photo from bedroom of leaves outside curtain on window.  When the breeze blows, it is interesting to watch the patterns change, dip, and sway.

Sometimes our dreams are all we have to get us through the day.....

Best Buds Forever!  (Where's my rat, Bud?

My glasses are too big for my face!

TheColor of Dreams...

Color me here.  Perhaps someday.

I have always wanted to sit inside a cave like this watching the ocean and tides ebb and flow.  There is something exciting and calming about the ocean.  It is awesome!

Looking to the clouds for inspiration.  Watching clouds has always been an awesome experience for me.  Perhaps the way they move slow or fast, or the way they change formation as if alive.  One can always find images there...

Yours truly as Clown for a Day.  Taken in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs where I worked for an Interior Design studio.  Working there was quite the experience.  I loved being a clown since you can act as silly as you want and no one knows who you are.

Sometimes we color our dreams the way we want to see them.

The reality is that the color of those dreams change when we least expect it.

(My quote of the morning before coffee!)

For some reason these photo's remind me of all the times I sat on the beach in San Deigo, Ca.  La Jolla, Encinitas, and other parts of San Diego beaches.  Love the beach however rarely get to go now.  My dream has always been to live close to a beach area again.  At one time also lived in Florida and enjoyed going to the beach with my kids.  

   Like the mountains, going to the beach and sitting near the ocean has a relaxing and  calming effect on the mind and body.  g 2016

What is the color of dreams?..

   That is something I have asked myself on many occasions.  

​    Dreams encompase just about every aspect of our daily lives.  Dreams about jobs, vacations, the house we want to live in, the children we will have, the type of husband or wife we will marry, the city or state we want to live in.

    If we didn't have our dreams to spur us on, we would not progress like we do as humans.  Dreaming is how progress starts from zero to one hundred.  It doesn't happen overnight, but those dreams will help us to make those decision, build the platform to help it happen.   

Taken inside Fort Point looking out through opening in building wall.  2010.


​   The color of dreams are like rainbows after a gentle rain.

    Trees and meadows explode with color just like the colors of the sky after a rain. That is the color of dreams, Be they black and white, shades of grey, or ablaze with color. 

    Some dreams are merely shapes and shadows just waiting to take form and substance.  We are the ones to bring those dreams to the forefront of our lives.

    ...And sometimes, it is just being a silly ol' clown having fun.